About me


Who am I?

Behind this blog, I’m Léa, a French nomadic and committed traveler.

In 2019, I’m leaving my life in Lyon to take the road with no return date. My project is to return to France from New Zealand without a plane. I relate my travels, through letters and postcards, on my epistolary travel blog Bons baisers.

I work while traveling. I’m a freelance digital communication freelancer since 2013 with Lundi communication and a freelance photographer since 2019 with Petit oiseau, where I sell my travel photographs.

My veganism

A vegetarian for several years, I became a vegan on the road in New Zealand. This decision is in line with my political ideas. For me, veganism is a political movement that is part of a struggle against a system, a struggle against domination. So it goes far beyond food or lifestyle. I associate veganism with anarchist, feminist or decolonial ideas. I sometimes talk about it on my Instagram account, in the middle of different recipes.

The blog

Bon bivouac is a blog of plant-based cooking for travelers. The objective is to propose recipes that are simple to make when you are on the road.

For the moment, I cook in my van in New Zealand or when I’m on a hike over several days. But my trip will bring me to test many conditions such as cooking when traveling by backpack, boat, on foot, motorcycle, etc..

My cooking is meant to be simple and accessible, by the ingredients or equipment I use, but also committed. I always prefer local, organic, seasonal and unpackaged products whenever possible.

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