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Léa & Léo nomades vegan

We are Léo & Léa, a French nomad couple. In 2019, we embarked on the journey of our dreams: rally France from New Zealand without a plane. We know neither the duration of the trip, nor the itinerary, nor the types of transport that will bring us back home. We let ourselves be guided by the opportunities created by the trip. We tell the stories of this journey through postcards and letters on the blog bons baisers, an epistolary travel blog (in French).

This trip will last several years and, bon vivants as we are, it couldn’t have been years eating instant noodles every day! So we try our best to cook good vegan dishes on the road. Soon, we started to want to share our new recipes, discoveries and tips: bon bivouac was born!

For the moment, we are cooking in our van in New Zealand and for hiking. But our journey will bring us to experience many other way like cooking when we travel in backpacks, on boat, on foot, by bike, motorbike, etc.

Our cooking is simple and accessible (by the ingredients and tools we use), but also committed (we cook vegan by commitment, we always prefer local, organic and seasonal products and we are in a zero waste approach).

Léo by Léa

Léo, is the one who cooks the most of us. He cooks to share. He’s generous, easy going and a foodie. He calls himself “Mister Plus” because he always puts more; more quantity, more ingredients, more spices. His dishes are always well spiced: he grew up in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) and the Caribbean cuisine still influences his creations.

He had to revisit all his classics with the vegetalisation of my diet. But he did it with a smile, it was a new challenge for him and I can tell that he succeed easily! He finally followed my lead, he had such an aversion to labels, but he went vegan too. He did it in one go, without any transition.

If you have the opportunity to share a meal with him, you can talk about literature for hours (especially comics), cinema or music as well. When he’s passionate, he doesn’t pretend to be. Of course you can’t leave without playing a board game.
Otherwise, he’ll enjoy nature. What he prefers are the great wild spaces with an attraction for cold climates (it’s exotic for him). He never resists to swim in a river or a lake (even if it’s frozen and he turns blue) and when hiking, he climbs everywhere looking for the best outlook for our lunch break. Because we necessarily eat good food in front of nice scenery.

Back in France he was a welder and will do some small jobs on the road. I’m sure he’ll return to France having learned (at least) a new job. He may be a diving instructor, a cook, a market gardener or a blend of all of that at the same time! We’ll see.

Léa Jourjon

Léa by Léo

Léa is always the one who makes the most projects for us. She plans to travel, to learn or to create. She imagined this blog as she did with bons baisers a few years ago. She’s creative, free and committed.

She chose vegetarianism in 2018, at this time I was cooking chili con carne and I quickly had to readapt. Being a vegetarian was a political act and becoming a vegan is even more. With this new diet came a renewed passion for cooking. She has been able to reinvent the dishes of our daily lives and create from scratch recipes adapted to our new way of life.

Politicized, she is more and more, consuming feminist books or essays on anarchy and ecology. This process tend to go even further in the coherence with her ideas. She is constantly looking for alternatives, new ways, she experiments.

However, Léa would not be Léa without her devouring passion for travel, which go with an unfailling taste for photography and the storytelling of our adventures. So naturraly the hitchhiker as well as the biker started dreaming of a nomadic life. It’s still only the beginning but already the project of a lifetime.

When she was still living in Lyon, she was both at the head of her small com agency, Lundi communication, just as a communication manager in an association and professor (you guessed it: in communication) at university. On the road, she continues to keep Lundi communication alive, as well as Petit oiseau, her freelance activity as a photographer. At last she’s the one who answers you on our social networks.

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