comment faire ses propres conserves de pois chiches ?

Chickpeas are the best friends of vegetarians and vegans. They’re full of protein, you can make lots of things out of them and they’re even so the basis of the sacrosanct hummus (why avoid a cliché when it’s so good?). 

To have chickpeas available, there are two solutions: buy canned, already cooked chickpeas or buy them in bulk in dry form. We always prefer to buy in bulk: cheaper per kilo (you have to consider the kilo of cooked chickpeas for comparison), easier to store and without waste.

Except that chickpeas, it cooks a lead! And when you live in a van, gas is precious. So while we’re cooking, we cook a lot of them to make our conserves. We make 6 jars of chickpeas in one cooking, which allows us to have them on hand for a long time without having to keep them in the fridge.

Total: 9 h
Preparation: 3 min
Rest: 8 h
Cooking: 1 h



As many jars as your pot can hold

All the year


For vanlifeGluten-free


  • Dried chickpeas


  • 1 stove
  • 1 large pot and its lid
  • jars (as many as it fits in your pan)
  • 1 dish towel


  1. Fill the jars with a quarter of dry chickpeas and water, then soak overnight.
  2. Empty the soaking water.
  3. Put the dish towel at the bottom of the pot (to prevent the jars from breaking by bumping into each other).
  4. Place the jars in the pot, fill them with water up to about 1 cm from the rim and close them.
  5. Fill the pan with water up to the top and close it with the lid.
  6. Cook over medium heat until the water boils, then leave over low heat.
  7. After 1 hour, let cool in the pan.
  8. It’s done! To check that the preserves are well made, press the metal lid. If nothing happens (no small “clap”), they are good until the end of the world (at least)!
conserve de pois chiches - le trempage
conserves de pois chiches
conserve de pois chiches
homemade chickpeas jar

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