Rando en autonomie vegan menus

A few weeks ago, we hiked on one of New Zealand’s great walks around Lake Waikaremoana. The hike is done in 4 days and 3 nights. Before leaving, we prepared our vegan and homemade menus for every day with a hearty breakfast, a cold snack and a hearty and hot dinner. Here are our menus and what was in our backpacks.

Our vegan menus for 4 days of hiking :

day 1

overnight oat vegan recette rando
manger vegan en rando

BREAKFAST: overnight oat with chia seeds and apples. A preparation without cooking that you let swell overnight in vegetable milk (or water if you want to make it even lighter) for a hearty and protein-rich breakfast.

-> The recipe of the overnight oat

COLLATION: an avocado toast on multi-grain crackers. 

DINNER: polenta and express dhal of red lentils. We put the preparations in two reusable freezer bags: one for the polenta that we cook with water, and the second for the lentils and spices to which we add a can of diced tomatoes.

-> The recipe for polenta and dhal

day 2

overnight oat vegan recette rando
randonnée vegan en autonomie

BREAKFAST: the same overnight oat as the day before to finish the carton of vegetable milk.

-> The recipe of the overnight oat

COLLATION: an avocado toast on multi-grain crackers. 

DINNER: an express couscous with a dehydrated preparation made of semolina, dehydrated vegetables, raisins and spices, to which we have added a can of chickpeas.

-> The recipe of the couscous express for hiking

day 3

Pancakes vegan rando
Soupe de nouilles vegan instantanée randonnée

BREAKFAST: chia seed pancakes with oats. We just need to add a little water to the dry preparation to have a pancake dough ready!

-> The pancake preparation recipe for hiking

COLLATION: a cereal bar and an apple. (The cereal bars were homemade but not successful, so we’ll share the recipe later, after new attempts).

DINNER: a miso noodle and tofu soup.

-> The recipe for our instant noodle soup 

day 4

Pancakes vegan rando

BREAKFAST: chia seed pancakes again

-> The recipe for pancakes for hiking

COLLATION: again a cereal bar and an apple.

4 days of hiking: what do we put in the bag to eat vegan?

Rando en autonomie vegan menus

Here’s the list of everything we took in our backpacks to eat during these four days of trekking:

  • all our dry preparations, that is: 2 bags for overnight oat, 2 bags for pancakes, 1 bag for polenta and 1 for lentils, 1 bag for couscous, 1 bag for miso soup, 2 bags for cereal bars not shaped like bars, 2 small bags of candied ginger;
  • 1 brick of soy milk (for 4 bowls of overnight oat), but can be replaced by water if you want to make it lighter ;
  • 1 small jar of date syrup to put on the pancakes;
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes for the dhal;
  • 1 can of chickpeas for the couscous;
  • 1 package of quick
  • fast-cooking noodles;
  • 1 block of tofu in a tetra-pack;
  • 1 package of cereal crackers;
  • 4 avocados;
  • 4 apples;
  • 1 small flask filled with vegetable oil for cooking pancakes and to put in polenta;
  • black tea.
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